Kansas City Purple and Gray Club 1000 Wedding : Jason & Ashley

Ashley and Jason had a wonderfully beautiful fall wedding. Ashley, from Wichita, KS and Jason from Eden Prairie, MN met in 2012 at the Power and Light district in Kansas City. Jason had just moved to town and wanted to check out the local nightlife. Ashley, having just gone to a Lady Antebellum concert at the Sprint Center was meeting up with some friends afterwards. They met at the Shark Bar and then spent the night dancing to country music at PBR. Less than a week later, they had their first date at Kona.

On Saturday, September 27th, Jason informed Ashley that he needed to have his car worked on Saturday morning. He woke her up at 5:30AM on Saturday morning and Ashley was soon privy to the suspicious behavior going on. They drove to the Olathe Airport and were greeted by Susan and Bill. There, Ashley was surprised with a hot air balloon ride. 20 minutes into the ride, Jason reached into his jacket and opened a small, black box. He got on one knee and proposed to Ashley. They spent the morning having breakfast and calling their friends and family.

Their wedding took place on a perfect fall day. The day was warm enough, but a nice breeze kept everyone comfortable throughout the day. These two were some of the nicest people I had ever met and they made sure that everyone was happy and taken care of the entire day. Ashley was glowing the entire day; her attitude and temperament is exactly what every bride dreams of being on her wedding day. So many of these images were of her laughing and having the time of her life.

Everyone got ready at Club 1000 in Kansas City. Ashley wore a necklace that belonged to Jason’s grandmother and Jason’s mom put it on her. It was an incredibly sweet moment. These two did a wonderful job of making the venue the perfect combination of modern and elegant. After they got ready, they had their first look. It was an amazing moment to witness. After their first look, we went around to town to take portrait shots and I loved how they came out. They looked so good the entire day!

Their ceremony was held on the second floor of Club 1000. In attempt to stave off the overwhelming emotion, Ashley and her dad began jumping around in the back. While they were walking down the aisle, Ashley and her dad stopped to take a selfie! Their ceremony was beautiful and was finished off with a sweet kiss.

After the ceremony, we headed to the roof of Club 1000 to take some sunset pictures. Photos at sunset are some of my favorite types of pictures and these two nailed it! The classic Kansas City skyline provided a perfect backdrop for these pictures!

The reception was held on the third floor of Club 1000 and there was so much excitement and joy overflowing in the venue. Ashley’s mom helped decorate and arrange the tables and she did an incredible job.  They really did amazing work putting it all together. Next to their bar, they has a sign with the verbiage: “Our wedding will have an open bar, it will also be heavily photographed so any drunken shenanigans will be documented and thoroughly mocked for years to come. Proceed with caution.” How great is that?!

Jason’s parents won the anniversary dance, which was super sweet. The dance floor was filled for the entire night. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. The entire reception was so much fun!

Ashley and Jason, thank you so much for letting me photograph your wedding. I absolutely loved it and I hope you love your pictures! Below are some of my favorites and here is their entire gallery!

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Bride’s Dress – Allure

Shoes – INC

Bridesmaids Dresses – Reni’s

Suits – Tip Top Tux

Floral – Final Touch Studios

Ceremony & Reception – Club 1000

DJ – Danny Collins

Catering – Silber Spoons

Cake – Hyvee

Photographer – Sara Marie Photography

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