Kansas City Wedding Photographer : Signature Albums

I am FINALLY blogging about these amazing albums I am offering! Thanks to modern technology we tend to keep our images on thumb drives & computer instead of on our walls or our coffee tables! Albums are such a great way to preserve memories over time. Although with technology comes convenience, there’s the inherent risk of losing your digital memories as hardware gets replaced and technology evolves. As someone who grew up looking at wedding albums of my grandparents, I was so glad that they decided to keep their album in the condition that they did. With the 100 year archival paper that these albums are printed on, these albums can be viewed by many generations to come!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1690These albums are offered in 3 sizes, 8×8, 10×10 & 12×12

These albums are available with a photo cut out & with debossing.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1692Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1706Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1691I custom design every album and can be fully customized to your preference. Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1693Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1694Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1695Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1696Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1697Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1699Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1700Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1701Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1704Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1702Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1703Kansas City Wedding Photographer_1705

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