Our Trip to Estes Park, Colorado!

Last week, my husband and I went to Colorado with two of our great friends, Tim and Christine. We had such an amazing time. We used Airbnb and got this lovely little cabin in Estes Park, right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. The cabin was in a perfect spot, about 2 miles from downtown and a mile from the entrance to RMNP.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2340Here’s one of the many amazing views right by our cabin!Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2341I absolutely adore the mugs that are made by Lauren Heim Studios. I brought one with us to Colorado and had to take advantage of an opportunity to take a picture of the mug with the Colorado scenery in the background!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2342Similar to rabbits or squirrels in many other cities, mule deer and elk roam around Estes Park without a care in the world. We saw tons of them all over town!Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2343View like this belong on a poster, but they’re seemingly everywhere you look in Estes. This is a permanent background almost everywhere you turn in the town. Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2344Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2346One of my favorite parts of the trip is when we went hiking. It’s a bit of a story, one that’ll be told in parts.

One of the days in Estes Park were reserved for hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. We had it planned out perfectly. We would park at the Bear Lake Trailhead, hike through Bear Lake, head over to Bierstadt Lake, stop at Bierstadt Lake, hike down the switchbacks and then take the shuttle back to the Bear Lake Trailhead. It would be about 6 miles and it would be a wonderful adventure!Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2347There was far more snow than we expected, but we decided to carry on anyway. The great thing about taking this ill-advised path is that we were the only ones on the entire trail. It was  beautifully quiet for almost the entire hike. It was so great.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2348Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2349Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2350Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2351Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2352Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2353Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2354After about 4 miles, we finally made it to the crux of the trail. We were the only ones at Bierstadt lake and it was breathtaking. This is at the top of the mountain ridge and it is just perfect. At some point though, we had to leave and headed to the switchbacks. After 5 hours, we finally ran into another hiker. We told him how beautiful the trail was and how much fun we had. We told him we were going to head to the bottom of the switchbacks and then take the shuttle back to where we parked our car (about 5 miles away, regardless of the route) and he regrettably informed us that the shuttle wasn’t in operation for a few more weeks. We were left with the options of walking 5 miles back on the trails or 5 miles back on the tight roads winding through the mountain. Considering our plight, the man we met was kind enough to hike back with us to his car and he drove us back to our car. We were SO lucky.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2356Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2357Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2358Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2359Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2360Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2361Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2362Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2363One of our favorite things to do in Estes is to Drive on Trail Ridge Road. Unfortunately it wasn’t completely open so early in the season, but we were able to get about halfway through and then were able to get out to see some incredible views. Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2364Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2365Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2367Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2366We had to take a minute to get some pictures in front of the beautiful scenery.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2368Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2369Someone had emblazoned a KC logo into one of the snow banks along the road, so Adam just HAD to stop and pose with it.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2370Colorado lovebirds.Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2371Finally we had to head back in town and started to meander back down the mountain, but not without making a number of scenic stops along the way. I loved this picture of Christine on top of a huge boulder!Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2372Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2373Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2374Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2375Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2376Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2377Now, one of MY favorite parts of Estes Park is their Taffy Shop! I always buy WAY too much and then up eating… way too much. It’s so good though and it’s such a cute shop!Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2380Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2381We had to make stops at the two breweries in town! One of which was Estes Park Brewery and the other was Rock Cut Brewery! The beer was so good! I love this little city. Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2382For movie lovers, The Shining was filmed in this hotel. For anyone with a pulse, Dumb and Dumber filmed all of the hotel scenes in this hotel. Adam and Tim had an absolute blast walking around this place. It was so cool! Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2378Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2379Kansas City Wedding Photographer_2383Adam and I had a wonderful time with Tim and Christine and we can’t wait to come back. We have a dream to own a house here someday and hope that comes true sooner rather than later. Until next time Colorado!!

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