Pink & Gold The Hobbs Building Kansas City Wedding

Brett and Mallory has such a wonderful wedding day. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! Brett started his day out at Top Golf where him and his groomsmen got some swings in and had lunch. The ladies got ready at Bret and Mallory’s house. The house was filled with joy and happy tears. Everyone was having such a great time. Shortly before their ceremony, they had their first look at the church. It was a really special moment. The ceremony was fantastic. The have a hobby of collecting ornaments together, so they made a unity ornament. It was really cute. Soon after the ceremony, we went over to the Liberty Memorial with their bridal party. This bridal party was an absolute hoot and we had so much fun! After the memorial, we went to the 12th street bridge where Brett wanted to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate their marriage. I loved that! At the cocktail hour, they had a cardboard cutout of the bride and groom and it was hilarious. We got so many great pictures of this. They wanted to MAKE SURE that they were able to get pictures with every guest so they got creative. They may really be on to something here! The cut out had on Hawaiian themed clothes and came with props for all of the guests to use. It was so creative and unique. Everyone got a kick out of it. The reception décor was incredible! They had custom menus, table numbers and favors. It was so cool! The floral were beautiful and the cake was so pretty! The cake had little flowers on it made out of sugar and they were perfect. So life-like and so lovely. At the reception they had the band KC Flo performing and they were amazing. The band had the dance floor filled the entire night. At the end they had a popcorn bar! Best idea ever! Brett and Mallory, I absolutely adored your wedding. It was so much fun. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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Sara Marie Photography

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Sara Marie Photography

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Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

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Hair & Make up – Blushed & Bronzed

Florist – Poppy & Clover

Reception Band – KC Flo

Cake – Nancy Stark

Reception – Hobbs Building

Shoes – Target

Jewelry – Etsy

Bridesmaids Dresses – Weddington Way

Groom & Groomsmen Suits – Men’s Warehouse

Ceremony – Advent Lutheran

Catering – Feasts of Fancy

Invitations – Yellow Brick

Rings – Shane Co

Photographer – Sara Marie Photography

Second Shooter – Mike (Thank You!!)

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