Our Bathroom Renovation!

I am so excited to finally share our bathroom remodel!! When we bought this home we knew the shower didn’t work and that the bathroom would need some work. Little did we know that in order to fix the shower we would have to knock out all the tile. So what started as a small project turned into a whole bathroom renovation, ha! We reached out to Mission Kitchen & Bath to help us with this project and I’m so glad we did! We had Bob as our project manager & Scott as our contractor. Bob and Scott were such a fantastic team and helped me through the whole process! Since this was our first renovation there were A LOT of questions! Ha!

Below are some of the before images!

When we purchased the home there was a large black mirror in the bathroom that covered up that spot where the two tiles are missing. Our lesson here? Move EVERYTHING before you close on the home!

The faucet below is a new (dirty) one that Adam installed shortly after we moved in. This little improvement went a long way!!

 This bad boy below on the left was the culprit of all this craziness. 

 We got SO lucky with this flooring that the previous owners had installed so we had to keep it. This hexagon tile is alllll the heart eye emojis



Heres a few during photos! They are iPhone photos so please don’t judge!

And the after!!!!!! 

We decided to stay simple with the design. Clean, classic, simple. I love this subway tile with the dark gray grout. It adds so much contract and dimension to a basic tile. 

And of course Slugger & Belle had to make an appearance. They LOVE the new bathroom!

During construction we had the opportunity to remove the soffit and I’m so glad we did!! It brought so much light and space to the room. And this new light fixture! So pretty!!

We also put in a 4 plug outlet. Being the only outlet in the bathroom we needed to have plenty of space to plug in everything!

While we were researching bathroom fans we ran across a bluetooth fan & speaker. I didn’t even know this was a thing but I knew we needed it! This product was so new the electrician & contractor had never seen one. 

We are so in LOVE with our new bathroom! We are sad to leave it but know the new owners of this home will love it as much as we do. 


Tub: Lowes

Tile: Home Depot & Subway

Vanity: Home Depot

Countertop: Caesar Stone

Vanity Light:  Home Depot

Mirror: Amazon

Faucets: Home Depot

Bluetooth Fan: Amazon

Shower Curtain: Home Goods




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